love kids in Vietnam
Be a Friend to Vietnamese Kids.

The purpose of our existence is to solve the self-confidence of Vietnamese orphans teenage. Hope to influence the next generation of young people in Vietnam by providing professional services.

Our 3 major working process.
1. Design projects that affect self-confidence,
2. Invite sponsors to support and participate in activities,
3. Conduct activities through volunteer reports and observations to give back to sponsors and orphanages.

1. 設計影響自信心的項目,
2. 邀請贊助者支持與參與活動,3. 並透過志願者報導和觀察進行活動 回饋給 贊助者與孤兒院。

We have the following three hopes:
1) You can become our volunteer or donor of events and solutions.
2) If you have extra old/new clothes, books, toys in your home. We can help coordinate donate to an orphanage.
3) We are planning the next stage of the plan. If you are interested in serving youth and teenage together, please contact us.



1) 您可以成為我們的志願者或是活動與解決方案的贊助者。
2) 您家裡若有多餘的新舊衣服或書本,玩具。我們可以協調,協助您捐給孤兒院。
3) 我們正在籌畫下一階段的計畫,若您有心一起服務年輕人,請主動與我們聯絡

Focus on listening to the needs of Vietnamese youth & teenage and provide related services. We build a trusting relationship with the person in charge of the orphanage through small activities, and then complete our mission through professional services of ourselves or other partners.