love dog & cat face

Cat and Dog


love dog and cat face is a project to remind the cats and dogs around us of the value of life. If you agree with this value, please join us, if you have a picture of a dog or cat, please email to our team and we will make a T-Shirt for you. Or you can also enjoy multiple T-shirts for your relatives and friends. For each piece of clothing, we will use the sponsorship income to save the lives of cats and dogs, and directly go to the restaurant to buy the lives of cats and dogs before killing them (in terms of kilograms), and donate them to the home of stray animals.

love dog and cat face 是一個專案,為要提醒我們身邊的貓與狗生命意義價值之可貴。若您贊同這樣的價值,請加入我們的行列,若您有狗或貓的照片,請您電郵給我們工作小組,我們將為您製作一件T-Shirt。或是您也可以享有多件T-shirt 送給您親友。每件衣服,我們將贊助收入作為拯救 貓狗生命,直接到餐廳殺害貓狗前購買生命(論公斤購買),並捐助給流浪動物之家。