PROJECT 12-12-2021 Christmas Party in D8, HCMC

Christmas Party for 19 Kids. 12/12/2021

Donors: Ms. Loan, Peggy, Mark, Owen, Ruth, Christy, Roy & Pauline,...

Volunteers participants: Truc, Trinh, Owen, Ruth...

Mark Jan.3.2022

 After months of planning amid changing circumstances due to the COVID, the inaugural event of KPSG successfully took place on December 12th, 2021. There are nineteen kids in this orphanage who have been taken in by Ms. Bao and her husband Claude. Most of them would have been aborted if they had not been taken in, and it was such a joy to see them healthy and being loved by a Christian couple.

Our first event was to celebrate Christmas with the orphans of Bao 19 kids . We had many ideas about how to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus, but we were forced to be flexible with our plans due to the difficulties caused by the ongoing pandemic.  Ultimately, we ended up going to the home of the orphans and bringing the celebration to them. Because of the unique limitations that were out of our control, we regret that many donors who wanted to go with us were unable to do so as their home is quite small. God willing more donors and volunteers will be able to join in future activities.


It was a joy to celebrate Christmas with them in their own home. Due to the generous donations of our friends and colleagues, we were able to bring food and gifts to the nineteen orphans who live in the small house in District 8. After a time of fellowship and getting to know each other, we enjoyed a meal with the orphans, paid for by our donors.  After helping to clean up, Ms. Bao helped us to distribute gifts to each child and we had the joy of watching them open and then play with the toys. Some of the girls blessed us by singing Christmas songs in Vietnamese, then we played some games and sang a few Christmas songs with the whole group.  


An unexpected benefit of celebrating Christmas in the home of the orphans, was that our team had the opportunity to see what their life is like. We now have a greater understanding of the needs of these precious children of God and can see more clearly how we can bless them in the future.  More activities and ways to bless these kids are being planned and we look forward to having more donors and volunteers involved. We want to thank everyone who donated money, gifts and time to this first activity. Please keep us and these children in your prayers as we move forward. 

來自志願者 馬克

2022 年 1 月 3 日


因新冠肺炎疫情,經過數月的籌劃,KPSG的首屆活動於2021年12月12日順利舉行。這所孤兒院共有19個孩子,被鮑女士和她的丈夫克勞德收留。 如果他們沒有被收養,他們中的大多數人都會流產,看到他們健康並被一對基督徒夫婦所愛,真是十分感恩。

我們的第一個活動是與 Bao 家庭的19個孤兒一起慶祝聖誕節。 我們對如何慶祝主耶穌的誕生有很多想法,但由於持續的流行病帶來的困難,我們不得不靈活地安排我們的計劃。 最終,我們最終去了孤兒的家,為他們帶來了慶祝活動。 由於我們無法控制的獨特限制,我們很遺憾許多想和我們一起去的捐助者無法這樣做,因為他們的家很小。 願更多的捐助者和志願者能夠參與到未來的活動中。


在他們自己的家里和他們一起慶祝聖誕節是一種快樂。 由於朋友和同事的慷慨捐助,我們為住在八區小房子的十九名孤兒帶來了食物和禮物。 孤兒,由我們的捐助者支付。 幫忙打掃乾淨後,包老師幫我們把禮物分發給每個孩子,看著他們打開,然後玩玩具,我們很開心。 一些女孩用越南語唱聖誕歌祝福我們,然後我們玩了一些遊戲,和整個團隊一起唱了幾首聖誕歌曲。


在孤兒家裡慶祝聖誕節的一個意外好處是,我們的團隊有機會了解他們的生活。 我們現在對這些寶貴的上帝兒女的需要有了更深入的了解,也可以更清楚地看到我們將來如何祝福他們。 正在計劃更多的活動和方式來祝福這些孩子,我們期待有更多的捐助者和志願者參與進來。 我們要感謝所有為第一次活動捐贈金錢、禮物和時間的人。 在我們前進的過程中,請讓我們和這些孩子繼續祈禱。