CORE TEAM and Volunteers 核心團隊與志願者

 Who is the core team? Christian professionals composed of Owen and Vanessa, Mark and Esther. Plan and execute various projects.

Who is the executive team? Esther and the team formed. They are all Vietnamese natives with enthusiasm, innovation and love.

The first phase of the executive team's work (2022/1-6): strategic planning, visiting and establishing an orphanage network, listening to needs, collecting and screening solutions to build confidence, planning and implementation, mobilizing and inviting volunteers. (The second stage: still to plan and seek various suggestions.)

Who are volunteers? Anyone can join regardless of religion, race, or profession. We divide volunteers into three categories. The first category: sponsorship and participants. The second category: evaluation items and recorders. The third category: corporate voluntary organizations.

誰是核心團隊? 由 Owen 與 Vanessa, Mark 和 Esther 組成的基督徒專業人士。策畫與執行各式項目。


誰是執行團隊? Esther 與所組成的團隊。皆為越南本地人,具備熱誠,創新與愛。

執行團隊的第一階段工作(2022/1-6): 策略規劃,拜訪與建立孤兒院網絡,傾聽需求,蒐集與篩選建立信心之解決方案,規劃方案與執行,動員與邀請志願者。(第二階段: 尚待規劃與尋求各式建議。)


誰是志願者? 不限宗教,種族,專業都可加入。我們將志願者分成三大類 。第一類: 贊助與參與者。第二類: 評估項目與紀錄者。第三類: 企業志願團體。

Volunteer & Donor
evaluator for projects