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Now we focus on activities to increase the possibility of changing the self-confidence of young people. For example: baking workshop, Internship, rock climbing, etc. Lead teenage and youth to develop problem-solving skills. Support for these activities is sponsored by individuals or corporate sponsors. In the future, I hope that we can also think of a source of income that can be developed in the long term. 

現在我們側重以活動來增加改變青少年自信心的可能性。例如: 烘培工作坊,Internship,攀岩 等等。帶領青少年培養解決問題的能力。支持這些活動由個人或是企業贊助者支持。未來希望我們也可以想出可以長期發展的收入來源。

Baking Workshop 烘培 工作坊

We are currently collaborating with Sally's coffee shop to provide children with practice through her resources and expertise. Two hours to implement. You can bring home cakes or biscuits afterwards. In one hour, the children participated in storytelling training, and the next stage of training was to invite these children to practice in other orphanages. Help other little children to read story books. The resources we need to invest are: 50 character-related storybooks. Volunteer teachers or parents who can teach children storytelling. 20 young people willing to receive training. There are 10 orphanages in need.

我們目前與 Sally 的咖啡廳合作,透過她的資源與專業,提供小孩實作。

其中一個小時,小孩參加 說故事書培訓,培養下一階段,邀請這些小孩到其他孤兒院實習。幫助其他小小孩閱讀故事書。我們需要投入的資源有 : 品格相關故事書 50 本。可以教導小孩說故事書的老師志願者或家長。願意接受培訓的青少年20位。有需求的孤兒院 10 家。

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Indoor Rock Climbing 室內攀岩

Indoor rock climbing is one of the new activities that can increase self-confidence.


Teenage Internship 青少年實習

Teenage Internship is to provide an activity that can quickly learn to benefit others. For example: reading children's story books, teaching other children to bake, etc.


青少年的實習 是提供一個可以快速學習對他人有益的活動。例如: 兒童故事書閱讀,教其他小孩烘培 等等。

​Music Learning 音樂學習

Through music learning activities, we create teenage &youth to feel their emotions and find their value.


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