Future Arrangement

We seek that children can develop a sense of value for themselves, groups, and communities through our care and company. This requires cost and price. Below, we use the following methods to raise funds to support young people to participate in activities: For example:

Good Sold for Charity (GSFC): We provide products for sale to you, and a certain percentage of the profit becomes our donation to help children participate in activities. etc. There are two types of GSFC:

(GSFC1) Directly use products made by people in need of help in society.

(GSFC2) A product made by a company with social welfare values, after making a profit, will contribute a percentage to support those in need in society. Take our example, the youth.

我們追求小孩經過我們的關懷與陪伴後,可以發展對 自己,團體,社區充滿價值感受。這需要付出成本與代價。以下,我們透過以下幾個方式籌資來支持青少年參加活動: 例如: 
Good Sold for Charity (GSFC): 我們提供產品銷售給您,其中的利潤某個百分比成為我們捐款幫助小孩參加活動。等等。GSFC 有兩類:

(GSFC1) 直接使用社會上需要幫助的人製造之產品。

(GSFC2) 具有社會公益價值觀的企業製造之產品,獲利後百分比貢獻支持社會上需要幫助的人,以我們的例子,青少年。



GCFC| Mode of operation:
1. We will look for the needs of a certain area of the market.
2. Look for foundries or manufacturing from disadvantaged groups through us.
3. Paste the co-branded "LoveKids@VN".
4. We sell by ourselves or through channels.

For example: buying organic soaps, buying cashew products, buying clothing products, etc..

1. 我們會尋找市場某個領域的需求。
2. 透過我們尋找代工廠 或是 弱勢團體的製造。
3. 貼上聯名品牌 "LoveKids@VN"。
4. 我們自己銷售或是透過通路銷售。 

例如: 購買有機肥皂,購買腰果產品,購買服裝產品等等。